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Title How's the working steps of the laser printer?
Description Various types of laser printers in the models and specific may be different, but their working principle is the same, but a local function according to the design needs have been enhanced.

1, the basic principles of laser printers born out of the late eighties laser phototypesetting technology, popular in the mid-nineties. It is a combination of laser scanning technology and electronic photography technology, print output device. The basic working principle is the binary data transmitted from the computer information, through the video controller into a video signal, and then by the video interface / control system to convert the video signal into a laser drive signal, and then generated by the laser scanning system contains the character information The laser beam is finally imaged and transferred onto the paper by an electrophotographic system. Inside the laser printer, there is a key component called a photosensitive drum that rotates, and when the laser light shines on the photosensitive drum, the photographic area to be photographed can produce static electricity and can suck small particles such as toner. 1, the printer in a certain way, driving the laser light to rotate the photosensitive drum, the drum rotation for a week, the corresponding printer to print a line;

2, the dell toner cartridges through the toner, the toner adsorption to the area;

3, the cartridge Go to contact with the printing paper, the hp 201x toner attached to the paper;

4, the use of heating parts so that toner on the printing paper above. Laser prints The supplies of the laser printer (parts that need to be replaced regularly) are: toner cartridges, drums or photographic belts, charging units, fuser, reconcile toner cartridges and waste toner cartridges, where toner cartridges are the most frequently changing Consumables, photosensitive drums or photographic belt is also the replacement of higher frequency of supplies, but also the higher prices of supplies.

The operating system consists mainly of the paper feed system and the paper exit system. Most of the existing models can expand a number of paper feed units, and the paper system is also the need to print media, set to two paper outlets. Print paper in the entire paper path in the walk around is a strict time range, beyond this time range, the printer will be reported cardboard. While the specific location of the monitoring is through a series of sensor monitoring completed. At present, most of the sensors in the laser printer are composed of photodiode elements.
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