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add to favorites Cheap CSGO Skins Gloves- Facebook Will Stream ‘CS:GO’ Pro League Esports Events Previously Pc  
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Buy Gloves CSGO Skins - Two of ESL’s biggest esports competitions — CS:GO Pro League and ESL One — will be broadcast exclusively on Facebook. Both of the series were formerly streamed on YouTube exclusively.

The World Esports Association (WESA) and ESL will launch Facebook live-streaming of CS:GO Pro League, one of the top “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” competitions, starting with the upcoming season seven on Feb. 13, 2018. That will run for four seasons of Pro League through December 2019. The broadcasts will be available at

ESL also will broadcast its flagship ESL One circuit on Facebook, featuring “Dota 2” and “CS:GO.” The first event in 2018 will be ESL One Genting 2018 in Malaysia taking place Jan. 23-28, 2018, featuring 16 “Dota 2” top teams. The ESL One broadcasts will be at

The announcements come after ESL announced in May 2017 plans to bring 5,000 hours of esports content to Facebook. Over that time, ESL has grown its reach on Facebook from 700,000 users to more than 25 million people monthly — generating over 2.5 billion impressions and reaching over 300 million users globally.

“Building on our successful partnership, we believe Facebook is the perfect platform to bring both Pro League and ESL One competitions to new and existing audiences,” said Nik Adams, ESL’s SVP of global media rights and distribution.

The competitions will be streamed via Facebook Live in English and Portuguese, with other languages available as well. All live broadcasts from CS:GO Pro League and ESL One will be available in 1080p/60fps HD video on Facebook. Both Pro League and ESL One will also be streamed in virtual reality on Facebook, initially available through the Facebook 360 app for Samsung Gear VR.

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add to favorites You can vote for the FIFA 18 Premier League player of the month Pc  
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FIFA 18 TOTY players - EA Sports have announced the nominations for the Premier League, December Player of the Month (PotM) award.

Voting is now open so fans can decide who is deserving of the award and more importantly, an amazing inform card on FIFA 18 Ultimate Team.

Liverpool's Mohamed Salah deservingly won the award last month and his superb performances have earned him yet another nomination.

The PotM informs are always amazing cards, the lowest rated one so was Leroy Sane's 86 rated card for October.

However, he faces stiff competition from some of the best players in the league. Manchester United midfielder Jesse Lingard hit his stride in December and has scored some crucial goals to keep Manchester United in the top four.

Harry Kane, who has already received one POTM card this season, also ended the year in spectacular fashion. He scored hat-tricks two games in a row, leading to Kane breaking the record for the most Premier League goals in a calendar year.

There were also been some superb performances from defenders last month. Manchester City are comfortably sitting top of the table and while their incredible attacking players have been receiving all the headlines, Nicolas Otamendi has been superb at the back.

Man City have previously been rather poor when it comes to defending but Otamendi has stepped up in Vincent Kompany's absence and helped Ederson claim 10 clean sheets already this season.

And no defenderin Europe's top five leagues has scored more goals than Marcus Alonso this season. The Chelsea star is a constant threat going forward and has already bagged himself six goals this season - that's more than Dele Alli, Sadio Mane, Javier Hernandez, Marcus Rashford and Paul Pogba

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add to favorites path of exile currency- Path of Exile 3.1 Guardian Build Guide Pc  
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path of exile currency - I have always loved aegis aurora builds and that I desired to make one viable with this league. It had been difficult, however, I managed to get work using Scorching Ray and a lot of ES and armor while using Protector Ascendency '' which converts reserved mana into ES and reserved health into armor.

You're semi-immortal and may undertake the trippiest map mods with the hardest mods to ever elegance human eyes.

The only real cons of the build is the fact that it's costly and dps is extremely low when compared to meta. But if you wish to be safe from just about anything and have the terrible connection then this is actually the build for you personally. It is just like switching on godmode on abyss league. To reiterate how strong this build is defensive. For those who have 5 or even more monsters attacking you, you're effectively immortal as Aegis Aurora restores 1,200 ES instantly per block which results in like 4,000-9k ES per pack of monsters.

And also you regen 30% of the 9,500 Energy Shield every 5 seconds because of Protector Ascendancy. That is on the top of the fact you're traveling with 60k armor and 75% opportunity to block spells and attacks.

It's like getting the armor of the Juggernaut, the Max-Block of the Gladiator, along with an effective existence and regen to what RF Chieftain. You're an animal of the tank.

And also, since it's tough to die. This will make this build HC friendly.

There's a couple of variations from the build that you can buy. Hopefully, it isn't that confusing. I attempted to list out lower the benefits and drawbacks of every version. The CI Version is easily the most defensive form of this build but has reduced dps.

Original Version - 62k Armor, 9.8k ES, 370k DPS:

Original 2-Curse Version - 60k Armor, 9.5k ES, 412k DPS:

CI Version - 68k Armor, 9.4k ES, 270k DPS:

CI 2-Curse Version - 60k Armor, 9.2k ES, 300k DPS:

Red Nightmare Full DPS Version - 40k Armor, 7.1k ES, 736k DPS:

I have finished updating the guide plus a video of my first complete HoGM run. Used to do a couple of after to find out if it might vary a little, but all runs happen to be pretty smooth since I believed out Slayers have 20% culling.

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add to favorites What does the laser printer work? Pc  
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The photosensitive drum is a photosensitive device with a light-conducting characteristic. The surface of the photoconductive coating in the scanning exposure, by the charging roller charged with uniform charge. When the laser beam is spread to the photosensitive drum in the form of a lattice, the point to be scanned is turned on by exposure, and the charge is rapidly released from the conductive base. The point where there is no exposure still maintains the original charge, so that a potential difference latent image (electrostatic latent image) is formed on the surface of the photosensitive drum, and when the photosensitive drum with the electrostatic latent image is rotated to the position where the hp toner roller is carried , The toner with the opposite charge is adsorbed to the surface of the photosensitive drum to form a toner image.

The question is: photosensitive drum is the cartridge? Laser scanning photosensitive drum, so that the photosensitive drum with an electrostatic latent image above, for example, make a "positive" word, then the latent image is the shape of the word it? According to the meaning of the above paragraph, this latent image should be uncharged, but why later it can absorb the toner? This is my question, thank you answer! What does the laser printer work? Laser printers with its print speed, high quality printing advantages, in people's daily work more and more favored. But there are not many people who understand their working principle.

This paper according to the working characteristics of laser printers, light laser printer works. Laser printer is generally divided into six major systems: 1, Power System (power supply system) 2, DC controller System (DC control system) 3, Formatter System (interface system) 4, Laser / Scanner System (laser scanning system) 5, (Imaging system) 6, Pick-up / Feed System. The following six systems will be described separately.

Power System (power supply system) power supply system acting on the other five systems, according to the need, the input AC is regulated as high voltage, low voltage, DC. High-voltage general role in the imaging system, many models of printers are separate high-pressure board, such as HP4, HP4V, Founder Masao 280, XeroxP8E, Canon BX / BX2 and so on. But with the integration of the increase, high, many of the printer's high voltage board, power board and DC control board are integrated together. Like HP5L / 6L, HP4L / 4P, HP5P / 6P, HP4000, hp 201x and so on. Low voltage is mainly used to drive the engine motor, the voltage according to need, like HP5L / 6L mainly 5V, 12V voltage, and HP5000 mainly 3.4 \ /, 5V, 24V voltage. DC is mainly used to drive the DC board on the various types of sensors, control chips and CPU. Second, DC Controller System (DC control system) DC control system is mainly used to coordinate and control the printer between the various systems: from the interface system to receive data, drive control laser scanning unit, test the sensor, control the distribution of AC and DC Pressure / undercurrent protection, energy saving mode, control the distribution of high voltage and so on. The circuit configuration is more complex than the other five systems, involving some of the circuit expertise, such as amplifier circuit, feedback circuit, rectifier circuit, is a maintenance of the difficulties.